A telling point, I can see this becoming a very real concern in policy making going forward, likely too late to effect change however, but what is new there. - Also side note I couldn’t find the promised recipe.... :)

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This is a critical issue in so many communities across the world. In my previous hometown in Colorado, second homeowners + short-term rentals like Airbnb and VRBO have crowded teachers and other essential workers out of housing.

I hope affordable housing advocates are able to identify some nuanced solutions- and I agree that having teachers - professionals- only be able to pick from a small stock of affordable options feels like a huge additional ding on an already devalued profession.

You might be interested in reading work by Matthew Kraft at matthewakraft.com on the state of the teaching profession (I believe mostly focused on the US) that has connections to the themes you highlight. In a recent piece his co-author Melissa Arnold Lyon said, that “Teachers are the no. 1 school-based factor that affects student learning. So, if we care fundamentally about student learning, then we need to care fundamentally about teachers.”

This is a BIG deal.

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Currently many experienced teachers returning to Australia are forced to take job offers in cities other than Sydney, the reason cited being that of affordability of living. Even in leadership positions teachers can not afford to live in Sydney. Schools are left to employ new graduates who are still living with parents. Once these graduates gain some teaching experience and are ready to move out to move out of home they are going regional. Leaving a deficit of experienced teachers and leaders with our Sydney metro schools. The teacher shortage crisis is real and living affordability has a significant impact.

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